There was a place that I wanted to visit for a long time and researched a lot but somehow couldn't go. Finally, we decided to go here with my 2 friends.
This is one of the Christianity religious centers established in the 3rd century, around Mount Karadag, north of Karaman.
Principle researches in this area were first made by Scottish archaeologist W.M.Ramsay and British archaeologist-politician Gertrude Bell in the early 1900s. Then continued with Turkish art historian-archaeologist Prof.Dr Semavi Eyice
some Greek vibes;
crosses and more crosses...
Western view from 31st Basilica
We spent a full day with plenty of wind here. But there were some parts that we couldn't go to due to lack of time. I'm planning to come here at least a few more times and this time make a more preparation, do more research and realize a different project in my mind.